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Best of The Web Stories

These stories are the top 5 winners of our Best of The Web Stories series.  Please leave us a comment, or use our Contact Us form to let us know if you’ve enjoyed these stories.
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A mother who didn’t hear from her daughter for several days after dropping her off at college swung by campus to deliver what can only be described as a missing person flier in a hilarious viral video.

Mom Nicole Walters paid her daughter a surprise visit at college after not hearing from the student for a few days. (Photo: Nicole Walters via Facebook).  Read More: College student ignores parents texts…

World’s smallest monkey gives birth to tiny twins at Chester Zoo

Press Association video Mon, 28 Aug 09:40 GMT-4 Eastern pygmy marmosets are native to the rainforests of western Brazil, south-eastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador and eastern Peru where they are threatened by both habitat loss and being captured for the pet trade. Read More: World’s smallest monkey gives birth…

Kids Battling Rare Diseases Become Superheroes in ‘Justice League’ Photo Shoot

Johanna Li, Inside Edition Sun, 27 Aug 14:30 GMT-4

A 5-year-old boy battling neuroblastoma had the chance to become Batman for a day, thanks to a moving photo shoot that transformed cancer-stricken kids into superheroes.  Read More: Kids Battling Rare Diseases Become Superheroes…

All the Different Types of Spots You Can Get – and What to Do About Them

Morgane Le Caer,Pop Sugar UK Beauty Mon, 28 Aug 06:00 GMT-4