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End of Summer Family Vacation

I’m writing this post as we are en route to our traditional vacation spot in Ocean City, MD and I’m a little saddened that this is probably our last hoorah before school starts in the Fall.

As we cross the Bay Bridge and my eyes wander to look at all of the boats, crab traps, and seagulls, I reminisce of our trips to Ocean City when I was much younger. I remember the jingle from an old commercial that used to air on the three TV channels that we had back in the day, “Ocean City, here we come”. The song plays in my head and reminds me how excited I was as a child to take that 3 hour trip to the beach.

The smell of salty air, the sounds of the ocean, the lights from the Boardwalk amusement park, funnel cakes, Jolly Rogers, Putt-Putt, Fisher’s popcorn, salt water taffy…all part of the sweet memories of my childhood vacations. My first ever-so painful belly flop was in Ocean City, MD. I can still remember the lime green bathing suit that I wore when my chubby belly made impact with the water.

There is a therapeutic element about the salty air and the sound of the waves crashing that somehow brings me peace of mind and tranquility. I could sit on the beach all day and all night with my bag of David’s sunflower seeds and almost be in a meditative state.

Knowing that there are only a few short weeks left before the kiddos go back to school, there is a sense of urgency to kick back, have some fun, some sun, and make more memories.

Where do you and your family take vacations? Do you also feel the sense of urgency to take a family trip as we wrap up the final weeks of summer? Be sure to hold onto some of your money for the Outlets…remember, the kids need new school clothes.

Ocean City, MD

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