GGTL Connect – Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

As a small business itself, we at GGTL understand the needs and concerns of small business owners who find that it may not be feasible to hire additional staff, but still have a need for support to accomplish tasks necessary for running their business.  GGTL Connect does just that…connect you with qualified independent contractors that are available to support your business needs without adopting an employer/employee relationship.  Small business owners start their businesses generally because of a passion that drives them to make a difference and offer a service or product.  GGTL Connect offers business owners the ability to focus on that passion that started their entrepreneurial journey while also making sure tasks on the back end are completed.

The very inception of Go Get That Life was driven on the owner’s desire to work independently on her own terms and enable herself to live the kind of life that she wants to live.  Knowing that there are others out there with the same desire, GGTL Connect was born.

GGTL Connect is a community that aims to provide you with the tools that you need to be your own boss.  The GGTL Connect Web Portal for Client Access is your online resource for working independently on your own terms and/or delegating tasks to qualified talent so you can focus on bigger things like accomplishing your Business’ mission…it is an online customer portal that connects Specialists (independent contractors) with Business Managers and offers members with these roles the ability to  communicate, collaborate, create projects, assign tasks, and so much more.

At Go Get That Life, we want you to be successful in your endeavor to live the life that you want to live.