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All Natural, Safe, Home-made Products


Hello, GGTL friends!

Since the time I’ve written the following post, I decided to experiment with lotion-making. The lavender and olive oil moisturizer has been working great for me, but I wanted to try it with the consistency like lotion has. So, I ordered a few ingredients from Amazon and got to work. My “recipe” for this lotion is:

Passion for Lavender


2 oz plus 2 tablespoons emulsifying wax

1/2 oz Cocoa Butter

1 ½ oz Basil and Lime extract in Olive Oil

8 oz Coconut Oil

4 oz Olive Oil

12 oz mineral water, infused with Tazo Passion Tea (for pink color)

1 tbsp Germaben II (preservative)

30 drops Lavender Oil, and 3 drops of Lavender fragrance

4 drops Argan Oil



Mix together the emulsifying wax, Cocoa Butter, Basil/Lime extract, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Argan oil in a glass bowl.

Microwave or heat the mixture over the stove until melted.

Whisk in the water until the whole emulsion cools. At this point you can add your essential oil or fragrance.

Add the Germaben II to the mixture once it has become lotion. If the lotion is too thick, add more water to thin it out. Re-heating the lotion and mixing again helps it stay emulsified.

If the lotion starts to separate, add more emulsifying wax.

The end product is absolutely fabulous! The consistency is not too thick or too thin. And, you can totally customize the consistency by either adding more water or adding more emulsifying wax. Lavender is one of my favorite smells (and colors), but you can choose any smell you like.

Give this home-made lotion a try and let me know what you think.

***Original Post***

I’d like to take a moment to talk about using all natural, organic products.  While it’s absolutely a healthier alternative to popular store bought products, it’s also a more expensive option.  These days, money is tight and we have to live on a more frugal budget.  We also have to learn to make use of things that we may already have at home that could serve multiple functions.

It is scientifically proven that some ingredients in the popular products that we use are known carcinogens.  That’s right.  Ingredients that are proven to cause cancer.  From our skin care, hair care, laundry detergent, deodorant, hand soap, body wash, make up, etc…we are knowingly poisoning ourselves with products that could cause cancer after long term use.  Many studies have been conducted, and the American Cancer Society presents us with this list of harmful carcinogens.  It’s a must read.

This page provides lists of substances and exposures that are known or suspected to cause cancer. To help put these lists into context, some related information is included on how different agencies and groups test and classify possible carcinogens.

Source: Known and Probable Human Carcinogens

With this in mind, I embarked on a journey in 2011 to learn about safe, natural alternatives to the cancer-causing products that I’ve used my entire life.  I was introduced to some brick and mortar shops that carried many natural and organic products that claimed to solve every day needs.  I also began growing some of my own food to ensure that what I was ingesting was safe to eat.  I was really blown away to learn how our food and products are poisoned, and this is approved by our Government!  Sadly, throughout my endeavor, I also learned that making safer, healthier choices is also much more expensive.  I spent so much moolah at Whole Foods, David’s, and other stores that half of my paycheck disappeared after one visit to the store. Like magic…poof! Gone.

After almost a year into my all natural, organic journey, I decided to give up.  I just couldn’t afford to make those healthier choices anymore, and went back to using the products that I’d always used.  Side note – I also was disdained to learn that one of the high-end, pleasantly fragranced, and very expensive natural deodorants was not as effective as the unhealthy alternatives that I was used to using.  After using this vanilla deodorant for months, I was left with less money and still had BO and sweaty pits!

So, what does one do?  For starters, stop breaking the bank thinking that you absolutely MUST buy and use only organic products.  You don’t have to beat yourself up because you’re using products that you know have unsafe ingredients.  I literally went through turmoil when I caved and bought a popular brand laundry detergent after only using natural laundry soap for almost a year.  Maybe there will be a day when using only organic products is the social norm and becomes the more cost-efficient option.  Until then, get creative and start making some of your natural products.  You will save mega $$, and feel better that you are using a safer product.

I’d like to share with you an item that I made at home after purchasing a couple of ingredients (which, buy the way, can be used for multiple purposes and you may already have at home anyway).  I made a moisturizer that is so simple and so cheap to make.  When I say simple, I mean so simple that it requires only 2 ingredients.  You could be fancy-pants and add other ingredients, as well, but this one works for me.  My moisturizer is good for my face, hair, and whole body and it smells absolutely delightful.  I used an empty travel bottle that is used for toiletries when traveling, poured olive oil into it, and then added a few drops of lavender oil.  That’s it!  It’s amazing how simple it is, yet is very effective at the task it has been assigned.  So…here is how simple it is:




If you’re interested in these oils, you can purchase them by clicking this link for  Or, go directly to these items here:

Tip:  A little goes a long way. A small drop on your finger tips is all you need for your entire face, and you’ll even have some left to run your fingers through your hair after your face is slathered.  It does not leave an oily residue and the smell is amazing.

You’ll see in the pictures above that I have some old scars from my years of suffering with acne.  This moisturizer will not cause acne.  In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that lavender oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties so, if you suffer from acne, this moisturizer will actually help clear it up.

It also makes an excellent eye makeup remover.  I have some seriously stubborn eye liners and mascaras that comes right off in a swoop with this oil.

Another great benefit from this moisturizer is that the “skeeters” don’t like the smell of it.  Yup.  Mosquitos are not a fan of the lavender smell, so when I go outside to work in my garden after using this moisturizer all over, the mosquitos basically leave me alone.

There really are so many benefits of using this moisturizer, that I’m not going to list them all here.  I would just like to offer a few good uses to, hopefully, inspire you to make some for yourself and plant the thought-seed for you to explore other natural items that you can make at home.  If I’ve at least invoked your curiosity and raised your awareness to harmful ingredients, my job here is done. 😎

Do you already make some of your own products at home?  I would love to hear about it!  Let me know what you’re doing, you could inspire others to give it a try, too.


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