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Netflix Original “To The Bone” A Must See


To the Bone: A Netflix Original

2017 TV-MA 1h 47m

Ellen, a 20-year-old with anorexia nervosa, goes on a harrowing, sometimes funny journey of self-discovery at a group home run by an unusual doctor.

Starring: Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston

Genres: Dramas, Independent Dramas, Independent Movies

Director: Marti Noxon

My first impression of this movie was that it’s going to be good because the actors are well-known…Keanu Reeves, come on. Who doesn’t love him?  So, if he is a co-star in the movie, it must be good, right?

In all seriousness, this movie is a must see, especially if you have teen-aged girls at home.  Sit with your girls to watch this movie and use it as a conversation starter.  Inspired by a true story, this movie digs into the mind of people suffering with eating disorders, and takes you through the the emotional roller-coaster of the main character, Ellen (Eli), as she goes through inpatient therapy at a treatment center.  The lead doctor at the treatment center, played by Keanu Reeves, is non-traditional in his approach to treatment and was “off-putting” at first to Ellen when she initially began treatment.

Netflix Original To The Bone

Duh! I’m not going to spoil the movie for you so that’s all the goodies that you’re going to get!  For more, go to Netflix and watch the movie.

Disclaimer – This movie may not be appropriate for individuals who are emotionally sensitive, or for people who have an eating disorder(s) and are susceptible to visual triggers.

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